Friday, 30 September 2016

Third Eye - Powerful, Secure and Wonderful Visual Recognition API

Today, almost everybody has a smartphone and we all use the latest and innovative apps offered by different tech companies. There are a number of Microsoft Cognitive Services API based applications currently available in the Google Play Store, some of those can really be helpful. The ‘Third Eye App’ designed by a professional developers team at Dotsquares Stores is truly a breathtaking and incredibly simple free application for Smartphone device. This amazing feature returns information about visual content found in an image. It is a tool specially created to analyze visual content, for this, it uses tagging, descriptions, and domain specific models. All the user has to do is just click an image or upload an image and let your phone do the rest. The API provides advanced algorithms that process the inputs and return complete information related to visual content with seconds. A ‘Third Eye App’ is available for free on both iOS and Android phones. 

Third Eye
With the use of Third Eye App, the user also has an option to have the text read aloud to them on a menu, book or even a street sign. This feature can truly make a life better for visually impaired individuals. The Third Eye can also identify image types and color schemes used in the picture. The optimal character recognition detects text in an image and extracts the identified words into a machine readable character stream, along with automatic language identification. It allows users to take snaps of text instead of transcribing, so it can save their time and effort.

Secure and Scalable
Multi-Language Support
Impressive Image Analysis
Detect Inappropriate Content
Quick and Convenient
Extract Text
It’s absolutely free!

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Disclaimer: Third Eye is a Microsoft Cognitive API is a cloud-based service. We are providing Third Eye, just as a sample application. We are NOT responsible for, and expressly disclaim all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, a reference to, reliance on any information related to the API.