Monday, 26 June 2017

DS Product FAQ Extension – Why It’s a Must Have Must Have Magento Extension?

 Do you know what a Product FAQ extension can do for your e-commerce business? Here in this guide, we’re going to share all the benefits that you can achieve by installing DS Product FAQ extension. Our Product FAQ tool is truly wondrous, you must be wondering how? There are many reasons why online business owners today want to create FAQ Page for their website. This impressive tool addresses Frequently Asked Questions about your business; it’s one of the most effective extensions for your Magento web store.

The main motive of developing DS Product FAQ is to communicate, inform, save time, save energy, develop relations and sell. The list of benefits you’ll get when you install the most effective extension presented by Dotsquares Stores:
A Great Online Marketing Tool
A FAQ section when done right can serve as a great marketing tool. You’re losing a big opportunity if you don’t a have well-maintained FAQ page. In most cases, FAQ’s are text pages and indexed by search engines gladly. They’re an important part of good rankings and product information for most websites.
Creates an Informative FAQ Page
With our DS Product FAQ, you can delight customers by answering their questions willingly. This Magento extension will help you create an informative, creative and SEO friendly FAQ page. It comes with some of the best features:
  • Posted questions can be seen in the admin panel
  • Admin can anytime set the questions to public view or hide them
  • The store owner will receive email notifications when questions been posted by a user and the user will receive notification at the time when the questions are answered.
  • User can enable disable spam control feature and lot more!
Saves Time and Efforts
If you’re looking to avoid unnecessary calls or conversations that you're customer support team have to deal with on daily basis, then it is better to have FAQ page. You can answer all these common questions in this space, this can save a lot of time and efforts.
In order to increase sales and bring new customers to your website, every website owner should create an FAQ section. It's the best way to provide easy and important products related answers to your customers. By this effective addition, you can build up a great reputation in the market.
Check out our DS Product FAQ Extension here