Thursday, 22 December 2016

Hide Product Price - Hide Product Prices & Add To Cart Buttons To Benefit Your Business!

Dotsquares Stores can create the most powerful “Hide Product Price” function, which allows the admin to disable the product’s price and “add to cart button” for non-logged in customers. This extension can help all E-commerce stores as it is an effective tool that will require guests to register/login online, so they can see the price of products. By getting visitors to register it will ultimately help increase the customer database, and will encourage the placement of orders, thus increasing sales. Hiding the ‘Product Prices’ and ‘Add to Cart Buttons’ can be a great way to enhance site usability and performance. Site owners can easily manage the text to display instead of price, they can also hide the “Add to Cart” buttons themselves. The admin will have complete authorization to enable/disable this module.

Features of the Hide Product Price module:
  • Hide Product Price
  • Disable Add to Cart option
  • Admin can customize the product’s price view and buttons
  • Encourages customers to call you for pricing
  • Compatible with Magento 1.7.x., Magento 1.8.x., 1.9.x
  • 100% Open source
  • Doesn't affect Magento core files
  • Developed using Magento programming guidelines
As an added bonus, when an item becomes “out of stock” you can hide the “Add to Cart” button so as not to confuse your visitors. To get a brief glimpse of the Extension ‘Hide Product Price’ and all its features, kindly visit us at or you can contact us at

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Why Should You Install Dotsquares Flycart Magento Extension?

When any guest visits your site, the shopping cart acts as a shopping list archive allowing the customer to add or remove the products they want, and also handles shipping, returns, cancellations, credit card processing, and more! For this reason, every e-commerce owner should focus on maintaining a quality shopping cart that functions smoothly and securely. The more interactive and efficient the service is, the more likely you will retain people’s custom.

Dotsquares Flycart
Dotsquares Flycart is a Magento extension that is proven to be really profitable for e-commerce site owners. This extension effectively adds a product to the shopping cart with a “cool” effect of flying product images. With the Dotsquares Flycart it allows customers to continue shopping without waiting for pages to reload each time products are added to their cart. As it saves shopping time, it can increase your rate of customer conversion, as no one wants to have to wait more than a few minutes for the page to reload. Some of the key features of Dotsquares Flycart are:

An awesome configurable visual effect 
No redirect to the product page
Wonderful use interaction and interface
Compatible with Magento community 1.5 and above, as well as  more!

So as you can see there are some huge benefits of installing ‘Dotsquares Flycart’, so what are you waiting for?
Stand out from the crowd and download our easy to install extension pack from Dotsquares Stores 

If you would like to let others know about your experience, then please feel free to leave a review.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

The DS Fashion Room’ - Creative E-commerce Application to Enhance Your Customer’s Shopping Experience

Here, we introduce you to the most innovative and exclusive e-commerce application by Dotsquares Stores, ‘DS Fashion Room’. In the past few years, we’ve seen a lot of customers that started using their smartphones and tablet devices to shop online. This has been considered as the main reason that why e-commerce companies are becoming more mobile focused, therefore, it is advisable for all e-commerce business owners to adopt the same strategy. The Application launched by  Dotsquares Stores can surely help clients to enhance their customer’s shopping experience, it has built with great UI and incredible picture quality, its functionality and usability features including navigation features are truly awesome. In this competitive world, every e-commerce retailer should focus on rendering a completely mesmerizing and fun experience to the customers shopping from their application. One of the surveys showed that shopper expectations are soaring, so now designing an app or a mobile site has turned into a necessity.

DS Fashion Room
The DS Fashion Room is a prototype of a fully functional e-commerce application, designed using WordPress and WooCommerce frameworks. It is simply changing the way customers shop, browse, experience and connects. This user-friendly app has an elegant vintage style & can be customized as per your requirements and budget. Every shopper loves to shop from an app which is beautifully designed; some of the features that DS Fashion Room comes with are listed here:

  • Product Listing (Grid and list view) 
  • Shopping cart solution 
  • Product search 
  • Product page 
  • Product attributes (color, size, etc.) 
  • Smooth animations
If you want to start your e-commerce business  as quickly and easily as possible, then you must choose DS Fashion Room. We can also add or remove features as per your need and requisites. You’ll be provided with extensive benefits and services if you install and use our fully functional application. Some are enumerated below:
  • Available for all e-commerce products containing different attributes. 
  • Uses basic UI functionality 
  • No special configuration/technical knowledge required 
  • Work with your e-commerce website & payment gateway 
  • Get the product details page with high definition images
Find the best E-commerce application here

To know more, you can also contact us at

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Your app for non-stop music - Radio Tune App

Are you a music lover? Love listening to different genres of music? Yes? Then this app is for you. Listen to whatever you like or discover your liking for a variety of music. Radio Tune App, a mobile application for Android users, gives you a wide variety of sectionalised music to select from. You can enjoy music from 14 categories, which are further divided into 107 channels. Great, isn’t it? You no longer have to waste your phone storage for a separate music folder; all you have to do is download the app from Google Playstation to enjoy songs of your preferred genres.

Radio Tune Application
Radio Tune Application is quite easy to use, as simple as a child’s play. It has a number of features, all of which can be seen by clicking at the menu drop down for handheld devices. For example, you can select the category of music you want to hear from categories, ‘recorded’ feature lets you record the song you fell in love with, so that you can rehear it without being bothered to search for downloading it. You can also add stations of your choice by adding their URLs in the ‘add station’ feature, but the admin will decide whether or not the station is fit for adding. If you don’t want to add the station, but simply want to suggest station to admin that also you can do with suggest radio feature. You can also rehear the song you were listening too with recently played feature, thus letting you play the last song.

And if you think that’s all the app has to offer? You’re wrong, there are still few features left, for example, it has a favourite station feature to let you select a station as your favourite using your Facebook login credentials. You can also view about the company who made this app from about us feature. And last but definitely not the least, if you like the Radio Tune app, you can also share it using the share feature.

So, why wait? Download the app to enjoy your choice of worldwide music on the go. And don’t worry about the battery consumption; this app has been optimized to stay low on battery and data consumption. For more details please visit:

Friday, 7 October 2016

Easy add/delete attribute with Dotsquares

Being one of the prominent names in the IT industry, the company today has experienced professionals in the field of software consultants, with a specialisation featly deliverance. And together with these professionals, the company has outgrown its branches in other countries, namely Brighton and London (UK), Bethesda (USA), Victoria (Australia), St Jean de Moirans (Grenoble, France). With 700 employees, the company which is not just Rajasthan’s largest but is also one of the leading brands in United Kingdom, has not only restricted itself to outsourcing but has also ventured into online selling of its products. We sell a large number of products online which are known to simplify the experience of the user.

Add/Delete Attribute to configurable Product
The various products that the company sells include various themes of wordpress, plugins and modules of PHP, etc.

One of the module being add/delete attribute to configurable product. This extension makes work easy for the developers hence letting them be more interested in their work. Easy work guarantees better work flow which in turn makes otherwise hectic work of developer easy and enjoyable.

But what does this extension offer and how does it make work easier? Well, with this extension you not only can add new attribute to existing configurable product but can also delete it. What happens is that when an attribute is added to existing configurable products, simple products are assigned, while the reverse happens when an attribute is deleted, that is, deleting an attribute will lead to automatic unassigning of the product.

Hence, with add/delete attribute to configurable product, the developer no longer has to waste time in coding the already available code. All he has to do is spend a minimal cost to buy add/delete attribute to configurable product and save time, which can be invested to enhance productivity.

Dotsquares makes sure that you, the developers, don’t face difficulty in using this product. So we have developed and designed add/delete attribute in ECP, which is not just easy to install but also provides better customer experience. It gives you facility for both, adding and deleting existent attribute from configurable product. Talking about its compatibility, it is compatible with Magento 1.6.x, Magento 1.7.x., Magento 1.8.x.,1.9.x.

So while we have modules, like Multi-animation Slider, DS Easy Lightbox, etc., and extensions, like Multiple-file Attachment for product and category dimensions, to make work easier for Magento developers, we also have add/delete attribute to configurable product.

Friday, 30 September 2016

Third Eye - Powerful, Secure and Wonderful Visual Recognition API

Today, almost everybody has a smartphone and we all use the latest and innovative apps offered by different tech companies. There are a number of Microsoft Cognitive Services API based applications currently available in the Google Play Store, some of those can really be helpful. The ‘Third Eye App’ designed by a professional developers team at Dotsquares Stores is truly a breathtaking and incredibly simple free application for Smartphone device. This amazing feature returns information about visual content found in an image. It is a tool specially created to analyze visual content, for this, it uses tagging, descriptions, and domain specific models. All the user has to do is just click an image or upload an image and let your phone do the rest. The API provides advanced algorithms that process the inputs and return complete information related to visual content with seconds. A ‘Third Eye App’ is available for free on both iOS and Android phones. 

Third Eye
With the use of Third Eye App, the user also has an option to have the text read aloud to them on a menu, book or even a street sign. This feature can truly make a life better for visually impaired individuals. The Third Eye can also identify image types and color schemes used in the picture. The optimal character recognition detects text in an image and extracts the identified words into a machine readable character stream, along with automatic language identification. It allows users to take snaps of text instead of transcribing, so it can save their time and effort.

Secure and Scalable
Multi-Language Support
Impressive Image Analysis
Detect Inappropriate Content
Quick and Convenient
Extract Text
It’s absolutely free!

To download this most effective and useful app, kindly visit us @

Disclaimer: Third Eye is a Microsoft Cognitive API is a cloud-based service. We are providing Third Eye, just as a sample application. We are NOT responsible for, and expressly disclaim all liability for, damages of any kind arising out of use, a reference to, reliance on any information related to the API.

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Some Awesome Reasons to Have the Location Finder Application

Sometimes the most awesome stuff you’re excited to visit in your local area is hiding in plain sight. It can be really annoying if you fail to find the places near you. At this time, you desperately need a map friendly web tool that can help you locate the best restaurants, banks, ATM’s, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and much more! The most happening web application ‘Location Finder’ presented by ‘Dotsquares Stores‘ is what all you need in today’s time.

Location Finder
Location Finder
This is, of course, one smartphone app which is more valuable than you could have ever imagined. Once you download this useful and effective web tool, you’ll be served with the places that you had been looking for. You will be guided with some predefined categories, along with it, you can also see the desired location’s direction by either selecting Get Direction button or Navigation View Map button, which will automatically open Google Map Application.

Some of the top benefits of downloading the Location Finder Application are discussed below:

Fast and Reliable: This is the most effective tool, which runs smoothly and efficiently. In an emergency, this tool can easily help you locate your nearest location. It will find you the local place based on your existing or custom location or both locations.

Compass and Map Display: The Location Finder Application can help you explore various local areas; it comes with compass and map display to make your search simpler and easy peasy. 

Lots of Predefined Categories (Restaurants, Bank, ATM, School, Doctor, Hospital, Shopping Mall, etc.): This fascinating app consists of lots of predefined categories such as Restaurants, Bank, ATM, School, Doctor, Hospital, Shopping Mall, etc. so your stress can be minimized.

Quick and Accurate Searching: This application is truly safe, simple and effective as it provides a quick and accurate results.

Absolutely Free Application: The ‘Location Finder’ app is a completely free app; you can download it now from Google Play Store!

For more information on this app, you can log on to

And for any help or assistance, you can contact us at

Friday, 5 August 2016

Now Convert a Website to an Android App by Using ‘Web2App’!

With a great rise of mobile users, many of the website owners are finding ways to create an Android app for their website. Now it is easy, quick, and affordable to set up a rich Android app for your own website with the help of ‘Web2App’ by ‘Dotsquares Stores’. Why spend large amounts of money on hiring someone who will help you design mobile products when you easily can do it yourself. You can use this app for almost anything; it will help you increase your user database. Make sure that your website is fully responsive and working smoothly and efficiently on mobile and desktop devices. A website owner doesn’t need any deep knowledge of codes for setting up a template.

 This new approach to web apps allows you to access your website as a native application. The ‘Web2App’ is new and a feature-rich approach, very easy to configure within the Android Studio as you just have to choose your display options, loading bar styles, tabs and color options  to get it customized for an appealing look, like your own website. So get ready to convert your website into real Android App. But first, we would like you to know about its built-in features so that you can utilize them to make your app even better.

•    Admob: Easily monetize your apps with ads
•    Notifications: Push message or URLs to your users
•    Analytics: Get better usage statistics
•    Splash Screen: A smart splash screen on startup
•    Rate my app: Easily get user feedback and ratings
•    Pull-to-refresh: Pull to refresh or indicate progress
•    Chromium Engine: Even faster web view performance
•    Collapsing Toolbar: Hide the top bar on scrolling down

With the help of Web2App, you will get better usage statistics and publish almost instantly, but you must have a Google Play account for this. You’ll get source code available to make the customization at no extra cost. Our support team will provide you the complete documentation of how to set up and what values to configure.

For any further details, please log on to
And you can also contact us at for any queries or discussion.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Simple Product Details on Configurable Product - An Advanced Magento Extension

If you’re looking for a solution to help you show simple product information like name, price, images, description, etc. on configurable products, then using an improved Simple Product Details of Configurable Product Magento Extension can really be helpful. The SPOCP module presented by Dotsquares Stores introduces a unique and advanced approach to configurable products. It allows users to completely utilize the power of configurable products. With the help of this better and effective tool, admin and shoppers can easily control the displaying attributes of simple product on a configurable product details page. 

Simple product details on configurable product
This latest extension can appreciably simplify the process of purchasing from your online store. It shortens the steps before adding a product to cart; admin can offer a set of options to their customers. One of the main features of SPOCP module is its ability to create boundless combinations of products with incomparable content and automatically generated URL’s for improved SEO and gets more organic traffic from Google.

We are excited to announce the Simple Product Details of Configurable Product Magento Extension which has been designed by the skilled & experienced team of developers. It carries all the magnificent features that clients generally requests and is constructed on a deep analysis of a modern E-commerce market including SEO and various advertising strategies.

Some Unique Features:
  • Displays simple product details on configurable product
  • Show different attributes professionally to the customers
  • Automatically calculates & shows total price 
  • Exhibits stock availability status
Displays different prices and tier prices of each simple product and much more!

Now, how the product will appear on the fore end will be based on the themes and plugins you’ve set up on your site. This extension is compatible with base and rwd theme, to make it compatible with other themes, kindly contact our support team at .

Monday, 11 July 2016

Best Auto on Wi Fi App for Android Device - Dotsquares Stores

Many developers have come up with new, effective Android apps that can really make you do smart things on your phone. The freedom of creative use of these apps gives you an immense happiness and a lot more magnificent benefits besides. This automatic app titled WiFi Auto On Android App is truly a delight to the many Android users. Choosing wifi is ideal when looking for reducing data usage or for faster connection speed. It automatically activates and deactivates device wifi according to current wifi location. This feature lowers the battery consumption, which ultimately saves your device battery. It can also save data consumption of the network operator.

Wi Fi Auto On Android App
WiFi Auto On App is one of the powerful apps that can do the hard work for you. This app allows you to automate much of your Wi-Fi performance. It automatically connects your device to the best network in every location. With its use, you can easily save wifi location for home, office, Gym, etc. An app amazing feature will let your device wifi connect automatically once the device will reach within the 200 meters of the set location. To detect wifi location, Wifi Auto on uses GPS and android network location services.

Dotsquares Stores believe in making things easy for most of the Android users. WiFi Auto On Android App is the coolest app of this time; it finds and connects to the best available wifi network. When using the device, the app can scan continuously to find the worthy network and if not found the suitable network, it can re-disable wifi. Thereby, you are always connected to your wifi network. It is a good finding app that is always useful. It will do most of your work with perfection & could be used for multiple tasks & times daily.

You can easily download it from Google Play Store.

For any further information, suggestion or queries, kindly log on to

Wednesday, 15 June 2016

DS Colorswatch Magento Extension for Any Type of Product

The DS Colorswatch by Dotsquares Stores is one of those extensions that visualize product attributes including colors, sizes, types and quantity over the product details page. This will make the process of selecting a product in your store much easier for shoppers. Nowadays, most of the stores are selling configurable products; these products generally have different options for the customers to choose from. A shopper can select his/her preferred choices before adding the product to the cart.
DS Colorswatch

Many times, it becomes confusing for the customers to choose a product in the certain color, size or quantity. Thus, our extension provides the shoppers with presentable product options in a more attractive manner. 

This also helps the customers to predict an item in the selected color. By replacing drop-down custom options or configurable product’s options, you can now use images to display the options to your customers. With this option, when shoppers click a swatch, an item image can be updated immediately and display products' appearance with that color swatch. 

This extension is a great pick for the stores whose products are available in a variety of colors, sizes, prices and quantity of each item. By the use of DS Colorswatch Magento Extension, you are able to use swatches on the individual product page, in the products list or in layered navigation. It will help to make the shopping experience of your customers more responsive and justified.

With more improvised version, Dotsquares Stores is pleased to present an easy and user-friendly Magento extension named DS Colorswatch. It can work well with any type of products, simple, configurable, etc.

Compatible with Magento community 1.5 and above.

Kindly visit our page for more information.

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Flexible Product Carousel Magento Extension

The Ultimate Product Carousel Extension presented by Dotsquares Stores is an extremely engaging and responsive tool that should be used for promoting business. This instrument automatically adds Carousel on Related Products, Up-Sell Products and Cross Sell Products. It has the ability to exhibit your product in a beautiful carousel slider & admin can also display their best product in a unique carousel style. With the help of this module, an admin can give more options to its users for viewing or buying any product. These ultimate features grab attention and attract a large number of audiences to buy a product. It provides an excellent opportunity to showcase your product uniqueness and its ultimate functionalities. This is now a must-have feature for every business, web template or any portfolio. 

Ultimate Product Carousel
The whole module is dynamic, as it allows the admin to put different product ID and every product will be linkable to the separate product. It has the ability to enable/disable Carousel on any list. This extension is fully flexible, configurable and user-friendly. It supports all modern devices like mobile, tablet and others. You can use this extension in many ways as you can set Carousel direction from horizontal and vertical; adjust width and size as per your ease, and much more!

Some highlighted features are:
  • Fully Responsiveness
  • Well Designed and Easy to Customize
  • Using configuration option, you can simply enable/disable module
  • Select product by ‘Product’ or ‘Category’
  • Ability to set Carousel settings from the configuration section
  • The Extension doesn’t change any core files and base template
  • Compatible with Magneto community 1.5 and above
This is all about our Magento Ultimate Product Carousel Extension and if you feel to know more about this ideal module, kindly visit us @ 

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Ideal Store Locator Magento Extension by Dotsquares Stores

As you all know that innovation is rising everywhere, so in web technologies. There are various choices available to boost and improve your online shopping portal. With this, it has become difficult for online vendors to choose the right web technologies for their portal. For any online store owner, it is essential to showcase their store location on the listing page of the website. It enables customers to locate the nearest location for buying the desirable products or services. The Store Locator Magento Extension you choose should perform well, so as to improve your customer experience.

Ultimate Store Locator
Here we bring to you a very simple, elegant and user-friendly Magento extension by Dotsquares Stores named as Ultimate Store Locator that allows the store owner to add stores for their customers to find the nearest stores available for purchasing the store’s products or services. It operates only when you allow Google Map to access your current location. With this feature, on the listing page, all stores will be displayed on the map and also provide stores short details in the vertical carousel. It can be very beneficial if your stores are located in different geographical locations. This ideal extension support stores specific detail page & helps to boost up sales by increasing your store network.

Benefits of Ultimate Store Locator:
  • User-friendly, Well Designed, and Easy to Customize 
  • Support Google Map 
  • Customized Google Map
  • Highly Compatible
  • Nearest Store Feature
  • SEO Friendly
  • No core code Customization
  • Compatible with Magento community 1.5 and above, and lots more!
Magento Store Locator Extension is user-friendly as it navigates customers easily about the most convenient store. This is a well designed extension which allows admin to simply manage it anytime. You can smoothly customize this extension as you desire. It allows you to edit Meta Titles, Description, Keywords and Custom URL which can increase your rank in the search results. With this, you can add as many store locations as you want.

Upcoming Features of Store Locator
  • Functionality to add store additional images
  • Support Responsiveness
  • Functionality to search store
  • More Layout to show stores on listing page

To know more about store locator magento extention, kindly log on to

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Magento Previous Next Navigation Extension for Creating a Pleasurable Customer Experience

Previous Next Navigation
Every website should include special features to attract more consumers. When a customer visits any website, he/she wants quick links to the previous and next product which can save their time. Magento Previous Next Navigation Extension launched by Dotsquares Stores is a responsive tool for creating your customer experience pleasurable. It is not possible for a customer to browse through your products or store for the entire day. Therefore, it is crucial to have a solution for this to overcome this condition. This extension can help you attract more customers as it will provide the customer with ease of navigation. 

This extension highlights:
  •     Easy to install & configurable
  •     Supports Responsive Theme
  •     Different Display Patterns Available
  •     Easy to Navigate
  •     Comes With Three Powerful Buttons: Previous, Next and Back to Main Category
  •     Saves Time
  •     Loop Navigation, sorting by  and order by features controlled by extension
  •     Configurable Controls
  •     Compatible with Magento Community 1.4 and above till 1.9.2.x
Today e-commerce industry is booming, online shopping is the customer’s first choice. So it is really essential to make your website look more appealing which can ultimately help you increase your sales and profits. Using this extension, the customer can navigate through all the products effortlessly as we provide them with the quick links to the previous and next product. This extension adds a link to Previous, Next and Back to the main category button on each product page. Link to Previous and Next button will also display product and its image that will give a quick view of the product to the customer and will help in the decision whether to view the Previous/Next product or not.

For more information about Previous Next Navigation by Dotsquares Stores, kindly log on to

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Best Responsive Website Templates by Dotsquares Stores

Dotsquares Stores - One of the leading and most well-organized web template shops, with the best products online. These exclusive templates which are easy to use and implement are available at affordable prices.

The list of templates as followed:
Food Restaurant Template
Food Restaurant TemplateThe “Hot and Sour” Multi-Featured Restaurant Template offered by Dotsquares stores is a complete solution for restaurant, bar, coffee shop and other businesses. It provides attractive and latest design with perfect control over the layout. A unique, latest and flexible template is specially created for restaurant and food services. This responsive HTML5 bootstrap template feature with many functional blocks, awesome transition effects, parallax backgrounds, and many other cool items.

Highlights of “Hot and Sour” Restaurant Template: 
Attractive and Latest Design
Sticky Navigation
Responsive with Bootstrap 3.3.4
Built with HTML5 and CSS3 Animation
Parallax Effects and more!

Book Your Travel Template
Book Your Travel Template- Book Your Travel Template is specially designed for travelling companies. This HTML5 Template displays all the details about packages, special offers, and tours offered by the travel agency.

Premium Features Highlights
Valid and clean HTML5/CSS3 code
Fully responsive with Bootstrap 3.3
2000 Fantastic Icons, Fonts with navigation
10+ HTML pages
HTML5 W3C validation
Supported by all major browsers and more!

Finance Care
Finance Care TemplateThis HTML5 Template is created for financial companies who want to establish their business online. The Finance Care Template is perfect for businesses providing a loan, investment, and other financial services.  It has a clean corporate design that will suit any financial firm.

HTML5 W3C validation
Optimized for search engines
Cross Browser Compatibility: Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE
Responsive Layout
Google Map with Address point out
10+ HTML pages and more!

Yellow Cab Template
Yellow Cab Template- Dotsquares stores bring to you a yellow cab HTML template that moves beyond the traditional taxi templates.  It will definitely make any taxi service business stand out from the online crowd. Thankfully, the yellow taxi template comes with complete features to help improve your customer’s experience.

Unique and trending design
Multi-browser support
Fully responsive with Bootstrap 3.3.4
Interactive Booking Form
Vimeo integration and more!

Designx Portfolio Template
Designx Portfolio TemplateWith a lot of user-friendly features, this template is a must have for showcasing or portraying your best work or projects to your clients or to the people across the globe online. Designx portfolio template from Dotsquares stores is specially designed for different business professionals to showcase their skills and services.

Easy to customise setup
Home full screen slider
Attractive UX/UI designer portfolio
Great page transition effects and more!

To know more about Dotsquares Stores Templates, log on to

Friday, 29 January 2016

Dotsquares Magento Ecommerce Themes and Extensions

Magento is no doubt a unique and the most trusted software platforms. Dotsquares store offers a huge directory of extensions with multiple, completely incredible designs, advanced functionality, and awesome support. Dotsquares Premium Magento Ecommerce Themes and Extensions are wonderfully developed.

Ultimate FAQ
Ultimate FAQ- No website is complete without the FAQ section. This extension is highly customized &exclusively designed for your website. It allows customer queries to be answered in the best possible manner.An Ultimate FAQ extension will reduce in support requirement, increase in customer traffic, enhances customer satisfaction and improves SEO ranking. A premium version permits the admin to manage the FAQ section of each store separately, promotes three layouts- Accordion, Simple and Anchored & compatible with Magento community 1.5 and above till 1.9.2.

Ultimate Store Locator
Ultimate Store Locator- This module allows the store owner to add stores locations. It is a simple extension which features all stores on the map on a listing page. Extension support, store specific detail page as well. It supports Google Mapwhich lets users know about store location on the map. It is both user and SEO friendly.

Ultimate Thank You Page
Ultimate Thank You Page- This extension will improve & boost the performance of a checkout success page. It has the ability to add thank you message and other information of customers.Each section works with ease as it has enable/disable options. The customer’s experience can be overwhelming by the use of Ultimate Thank You module. It is a well designed, user friendly extension.

Ultimate Site Map
Ultimate Site Map- Provides an opportunity to create all-in-one sitemap for CMS page, products and categories. This extension displays products and categories in separate Or dependant associated views. It has the ability to assign CMS pages to Site map and set the display order of pages. It can manage Page Title and Page Heading from the configuration section.

Previous Next Navigation (Responsive)
Previous Next Navigation (Responsive) -This extension is a helping tool & provide quick links to previous and next products. It makes the customer experience pleasurable. It is easy to install and configurable. The features are easy to navigate, full developer support and saves a lot of time of development.

DS Responsive Slider
DS Responsive Slider- Responsive slider is a multi browser supported extension with different types of mode effects. It supports IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, and OPERA. It has ability to insert slider in any CMS Page, can insert sliders via widgets, CMS Page, CMS block. Developer can also adjust layout and also manages speed of the slider.

Tax Rate For Multiple Country
Tax Rate For Multiple Country- This module allows admin to manage the tax rate of multiple countries altogether. Admin can easily edit previously set Tax Rates when required.

DS Colorswatch
DS Colorswatch- A Magento extension, DS Colorswatch works great with any type of product, be it simple products or configurable products, or other. It provides two options, first show swatches in a horizontal manner and the second show swatches in drop down with swatch images and their respective names.

We provide a huge directory of plugins and extensions to our customers. For more information, visit us at