Wednesday, 15 June 2016

DS Colorswatch Magento Extension for Any Type of Product

The DS Colorswatch by Dotsquares Stores is one of those extensions that visualize product attributes including colors, sizes, types and quantity over the product details page. This will make the process of selecting a product in your store much easier for shoppers. Nowadays, most of the stores are selling configurable products; these products generally have different options for the customers to choose from. A shopper can select his/her preferred choices before adding the product to the cart.
DS Colorswatch

Many times, it becomes confusing for the customers to choose a product in the certain color, size or quantity. Thus, our extension provides the shoppers with presentable product options in a more attractive manner. 

This also helps the customers to predict an item in the selected color. By replacing drop-down custom options or configurable product’s options, you can now use images to display the options to your customers. With this option, when shoppers click a swatch, an item image can be updated immediately and display products' appearance with that color swatch. 

This extension is a great pick for the stores whose products are available in a variety of colors, sizes, prices and quantity of each item. By the use of DS Colorswatch Magento Extension, you are able to use swatches on the individual product page, in the products list or in layered navigation. It will help to make the shopping experience of your customers more responsive and justified.

With more improvised version, Dotsquares Stores is pleased to present an easy and user-friendly Magento extension named DS Colorswatch. It can work well with any type of products, simple, configurable, etc.

Compatible with Magento community 1.5 and above.

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