Sunday, 31 July 2016

Simple Product Details on Configurable Product - An Advanced Magento Extension

If you’re looking for a solution to help you show simple product information like name, price, images, description, etc. on configurable products, then using an improved Simple Product Details of Configurable Product Magento Extension can really be helpful. The SPOCP module presented by Dotsquares Stores introduces a unique and advanced approach to configurable products. It allows users to completely utilize the power of configurable products. With the help of this better and effective tool, admin and shoppers can easily control the displaying attributes of simple product on a configurable product details page. 

Simple product details on configurable product
This latest extension can appreciably simplify the process of purchasing from your online store. It shortens the steps before adding a product to cart; admin can offer a set of options to their customers. One of the main features of SPOCP module is its ability to create boundless combinations of products with incomparable content and automatically generated URL’s for improved SEO and gets more organic traffic from Google.

We are excited to announce the Simple Product Details of Configurable Product Magento Extension which has been designed by the skilled & experienced team of developers. It carries all the magnificent features that clients generally requests and is constructed on a deep analysis of a modern E-commerce market including SEO and various advertising strategies.

Some Unique Features:
  • Displays simple product details on configurable product
  • Show different attributes professionally to the customers
  • Automatically calculates & shows total price 
  • Exhibits stock availability status
Displays different prices and tier prices of each simple product and much more!

Now, how the product will appear on the fore end will be based on the themes and plugins you’ve set up on your site. This extension is compatible with base and rwd theme, to make it compatible with other themes, kindly contact our support team at .

Monday, 11 July 2016

Best Auto on Wi Fi App for Android Device - Dotsquares Stores

Many developers have come up with new, effective Android apps that can really make you do smart things on your phone. The freedom of creative use of these apps gives you an immense happiness and a lot more magnificent benefits besides. This automatic app titled WiFi Auto On Android App is truly a delight to the many Android users. Choosing wifi is ideal when looking for reducing data usage or for faster connection speed. It automatically activates and deactivates device wifi according to current wifi location. This feature lowers the battery consumption, which ultimately saves your device battery. It can also save data consumption of the network operator.

Wi Fi Auto On Android App
WiFi Auto On App is one of the powerful apps that can do the hard work for you. This app allows you to automate much of your Wi-Fi performance. It automatically connects your device to the best network in every location. With its use, you can easily save wifi location for home, office, Gym, etc. An app amazing feature will let your device wifi connect automatically once the device will reach within the 200 meters of the set location. To detect wifi location, Wifi Auto on uses GPS and android network location services.

Dotsquares Stores believe in making things easy for most of the Android users. WiFi Auto On Android App is the coolest app of this time; it finds and connects to the best available wifi network. When using the device, the app can scan continuously to find the worthy network and if not found the suitable network, it can re-disable wifi. Thereby, you are always connected to your wifi network. It is a good finding app that is always useful. It will do most of your work with perfection & could be used for multiple tasks & times daily.

You can easily download it from Google Play Store.

For any further information, suggestion or queries, kindly log on to