Friday, 7 October 2016

Easy add/delete attribute with Dotsquares

Being one of the prominent names in the IT industry, the company today has experienced professionals in the field of software consultants, with a specialisation featly deliverance. And together with these professionals, the company has outgrown its branches in other countries, namely Brighton and London (UK), Bethesda (USA), Victoria (Australia), St Jean de Moirans (Grenoble, France). With 700 employees, the company which is not just Rajasthan’s largest but is also one of the leading brands in United Kingdom, has not only restricted itself to outsourcing but has also ventured into online selling of its products. We sell a large number of products online which are known to simplify the experience of the user.

Add/Delete Attribute to configurable Product
The various products that the company sells include various themes of wordpress, plugins and modules of PHP, etc.

One of the module being add/delete attribute to configurable product. This extension makes work easy for the developers hence letting them be more interested in their work. Easy work guarantees better work flow which in turn makes otherwise hectic work of developer easy and enjoyable.

But what does this extension offer and how does it make work easier? Well, with this extension you not only can add new attribute to existing configurable product but can also delete it. What happens is that when an attribute is added to existing configurable products, simple products are assigned, while the reverse happens when an attribute is deleted, that is, deleting an attribute will lead to automatic unassigning of the product.

Hence, with add/delete attribute to configurable product, the developer no longer has to waste time in coding the already available code. All he has to do is spend a minimal cost to buy add/delete attribute to configurable product and save time, which can be invested to enhance productivity.

Dotsquares makes sure that you, the developers, don’t face difficulty in using this product. So we have developed and designed add/delete attribute in ECP, which is not just easy to install but also provides better customer experience. It gives you facility for both, adding and deleting existent attribute from configurable product. Talking about its compatibility, it is compatible with Magento 1.6.x, Magento 1.7.x., Magento 1.8.x.,1.9.x.

So while we have modules, like Multi-animation Slider, DS Easy Lightbox, etc., and extensions, like Multiple-file Attachment for product and category dimensions, to make work easier for Magento developers, we also have add/delete attribute to configurable product.