Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Some Awesome Reasons to Have the Location Finder Application

Sometimes the most awesome stuff you’re excited to visit in your local area is hiding in plain sight. It can be really annoying if you fail to find the places near you. At this time, you desperately need a map friendly web tool that can help you locate the best restaurants, banks, ATM’s, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, and much more! The most happening web application ‘Location Finder’ presented by ‘Dotsquares Stores‘ is what all you need in today’s time.

Location Finder
Location Finder
This is, of course, one smartphone app which is more valuable than you could have ever imagined. Once you download this useful and effective web tool, you’ll be served with the places that you had been looking for. You will be guided with some predefined categories, along with it, you can also see the desired location’s direction by either selecting Get Direction button or Navigation View Map button, which will automatically open Google Map Application.

Some of the top benefits of downloading the Location Finder Application are discussed below:

Fast and Reliable: This is the most effective tool, which runs smoothly and efficiently. In an emergency, this tool can easily help you locate your nearest location. It will find you the local place based on your existing or custom location or both locations.

Compass and Map Display: The Location Finder Application can help you explore various local areas; it comes with compass and map display to make your search simpler and easy peasy. 

Lots of Predefined Categories (Restaurants, Bank, ATM, School, Doctor, Hospital, Shopping Mall, etc.): This fascinating app consists of lots of predefined categories such as Restaurants, Bank, ATM, School, Doctor, Hospital, Shopping Mall, etc. so your stress can be minimized.

Quick and Accurate Searching: This application is truly safe, simple and effective as it provides a quick and accurate results.

Absolutely Free Application: The ‘Location Finder’ app is a completely free app; you can download it now from Google Play Store!

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Friday, 5 August 2016

Now Convert a Website to an Android App by Using ‘Web2App’!

With a great rise of mobile users, many of the website owners are finding ways to create an Android app for their website. Now it is easy, quick, and affordable to set up a rich Android app for your own website with the help of ‘Web2App’ by ‘Dotsquares Stores’. Why spend large amounts of money on hiring someone who will help you design mobile products when you easily can do it yourself. You can use this app for almost anything; it will help you increase your user database. Make sure that your website is fully responsive and working smoothly and efficiently on mobile and desktop devices. A website owner doesn’t need any deep knowledge of codes for setting up a template.

 This new approach to web apps allows you to access your website as a native application. The ‘Web2App’ is new and a feature-rich approach, very easy to configure within the Android Studio as you just have to choose your display options, loading bar styles, tabs and color options  to get it customized for an appealing look, like your own website. So get ready to convert your website into real Android App. But first, we would like you to know about its built-in features so that you can utilize them to make your app even better.

•    Admob: Easily monetize your apps with ads
•    Notifications: Push message or URLs to your users
•    Analytics: Get better usage statistics
•    Splash Screen: A smart splash screen on startup
•    Rate my app: Easily get user feedback and ratings
•    Pull-to-refresh: Pull to refresh or indicate progress
•    Chromium Engine: Even faster web view performance
•    Collapsing Toolbar: Hide the top bar on scrolling down

With the help of Web2App, you will get better usage statistics and publish almost instantly, but you must have a Google Play account for this. You’ll get source code available to make the customization at no extra cost. Our support team will provide you the complete documentation of how to set up and what values to configure.

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