Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Ultimate Customer Promo Extension by Dotsquares Stores

 As an e-commerce store owner you want to ensure your customers only come to you, and not your fellow competitors. Dotsquares Stores offers the Ultimate Customer Promo Extension, which allows a new menu option titled “My Promo Codes” in all customer accounts, for increased customer loyalty. With this option customers can check promotion codes that could apply to them, to get the most out of their shopping experience. When using the Ultimate Customer Promo Extension, the admin will have an option to enable/disable module functionality from the configuration section. 

Reasons to Install the Plugin

  • Ability to change promotional codes and running times from the configuration section
  • Easy to install and use for both owner and customer
  • Compatible with Magento community 1.5 and above

You’ll be pleased to know that by installing the plugin, it won’t change any core files. As an additional benefit, you can create special offers and discounts based on a customer’s order history. The plugin will show customer specific coupon codes in each customer’s account section. 

How it Works

  • You need to create a shopping cart rule once the extension is successfully installed.
  • From Date’ and ‘To Date’ option are available in shopping cart rule, and are the options to show promo codes to those customers selected.  
  • Create a static block to show content in “My Promo Code” page
  • After creating shopping cart rule and static block, specify the cart rule coupon code and static block identifier in module configuration settings.

If you’re looking for an effective tool that can enhance your business, then do not miss out on the opportunity to install this brilliantly devised plugin, created by the Dotsquares Stores professionals. To find out more about this extension, kindly click the link that follows

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