Friday, 2 February 2018

Catalog Ajax Scroll - A Magneto Extension to Help Customers View More Products Through Infinite Scrolling!

When a customer visits your e-commerce store, it is crucial to offer them a user-friendly, engaging, however, a great shopping experience. It would be really annoying when each time a customer has to load the next page to view more products. So, here we introduce you to the perfect Magento Extension named ‘Catalog Ajax Scroll’ by ‘Dotsquares Stores’. It is mainly for the e-commerce websites that have a long list of products for their customers. A Catalog Ajax Scroll extension allows users to load the products of the next page automatically. It’s a great tool which displays an infinite scroll, hence, eliminates page reloads and product catalog pagination.

The topmost benefit of using this extension includes:
· Automatic download of the products with every page scroll
· Highly responsive - works well on all devices  
· Great for all touch based devices
· User-friendly, Easily customizable
· Ultimate functionality and much more!

Catalog Ajax Scroll is a modern tool ensures fast surfing to allow easy access to more products. With this, customers can view more goods in less time without moving through different pages. Installing infinite scroll allows clients to continue browsing the products without any page reloads.

This easy to install extension support multiple browsers like IE, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera (fully tested). You can painlessly install and download this tool, kindly click here

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