Thursday, 5 April 2018

Reasons Why You Need ‘Layered Navigation Extension’ for Your E-commerce Website

If an e-commerce website is not managed professionally, there are high possibilities that customers won’t stay on your site for more than two minutes. It is extremely important to attract customers so not just they stay for a long time, but also buy from your online store. A ‘Layered Navigation Magento Extension’ is a wonderful way to help your users find what they’re exactly looking for. When your store has a long list of products, then it is good to show it with the layered navigation menu, this will make your navigation more flexible and effective. It allows customers to easily find what they want, moreover, a Layered Navigation extension enhances the user shopping experience and encourages them to purchase from your store.

With the help of this extension, you can add layered navigation to your website categories. It assists users to search for products based on categories, prices or other attributes. You can make your navigation more flexible and user-friendly through a layered navigation menu tool. It allows users to shop by multiple attributes, and they can even filter search results. The Layered Navigation Extension by Dotsquares Stores is designed to optimize and improve the navigation of your Magento online store.

Extension Features:

  • Let your customers to easily select all the product parameters at once
  • Enable your customers to shop by multiple attributes in a category
  • Highlight current selection directly in the filter block
  • Allow your customers to filter search results by multiple attributes
  • Enable a convenient Price Slider Control
  • Boost your site performance with the fast AJAX calls
  • SEO-Friendly and 100% open source

A filter search result feature of this extension is great for customers to enjoy their shopping rather than waiting for the products to load. Your users will appreciate this comfort and efficiency and will love to come back again for future purchases. Price Slider Control benefit allows users to select a price range or to input the price directly. 

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